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Investing in Reviews: The Influence on Financial Services

Invest in reviews to influence customers and boost financial services. Increase visibility, conversions, and loyalty by managing reviews effectively.
Souad Boumerar
July 27, 2023
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Reputation Management for Financial Services

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Financial services are becoming increasingly reliant on reviews to communicate value to customers. Reviews have the power to influence consumer decisions, as customers rely on them to provide honest and accurate reflective feedback from businesses they might not have interacted with directly. It follows that investing in reviews in the financial service sector could lead to big returns and increased customer satisfaction—which resonates with any financial services professional.

To break down both sides of the equation—the cost and potential returns—in this article, we will explore the influence of investing in reviews for financial services, look at best practice concepts for implementing this, and ask some pertinent questions about the results.

The Influence of Reviews on Financial Services

The financial world is a tight-knit network of businesses, investors, and customers. A balance needs to be found between service providers and customers, to which reviews can act as an objective means of quantifying customer satisfaction and as such, boost profits.

As users become more savvy about the potential of online reviews, more dependence is growing on the advice customers can gain from rating systems and third-party reviews. Businesses in the financial sector need to provide a customer experience that goes beyond their specific service.

The ability to provide star ratings and quality customer reviews provides customers with both the opportunity and responsibility to have their voices heard. Reviews increase credibility with the customers and on a wider scale, help build a reliable customer-business relationship.

The Benefits of Investing in Reviews

The most successful businesses have already begun to invest in their managing, monitoring, responding, and promoting of reviews.

Here are 3 of the major benefits of investing in reviews of Financial Services:

Increase Visibility: Reviews can boost visibility for a business, by providing objective and factual assets for potential customers to access.

Increase conversions: The trust generated from reviews can overcome prospective customers' objections, leading to more conversions and sales.

Increase new business and customer loyalty: Responses, engagement, and timely reviews from customers can help establish a sense of commitment, leading to organizational growth and increased customer satisfaction

Careful Considerations for Investing in Reviews

For financial service providers to maximize the ROI of review investments, firm-level strategies need to be put in place to guarantee the generation of more positive reviews as well as to ensure customers' concerns are addressed safely and efficiently.

This means having a baseline understanding of online review guidelines, capturing reviews from the start, setting up a strategy for addressing negative reviews, and committing to responding in a timely fashion to reputation management.

Som more points to consider include:

  • Undertake regular performance reviews
  • Establish policies for dealing with customer feedback
  • Consider the potential risk of opening reviews
  • Utilise opportunities to ask for reviews
  • Balance online resources and personal engagements

The wrap-up

Overall, the impact of investing in reviews for the Financial Service business should not be underestimated. Factors such as financial return, consumer feedback, analyzing competitor activities, providing new opportunities, and forming long-term relationships need to be taken into account. Investing in reviews comes with risks—both for consumers and businesses—but with careful consideration of best practices, such risks can be minimized, providing clear returns for those investing genuinely in their customer feedback.

Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of investing in reviews for financial services?
The main benefits of investing in reviews for financial services include increasing visibility, increasing conversions, increasing new business, and building customer loyalty.
What strategies should businesses put in place before investing in reviews?
Before investing in reviews, businesses should understand online review guidelines, look into capturing reviews from the start, set up a strategy for addressing negative reviews, and commit to responding in a timely fashion.
What risks come with investing in reviews for financial services?
The risks associated with investing in reviews for financial services include financial losses, loss of customer loyalty, loss of reputation, and potential legal issues.
How can businesses balance the risks with potential rewards of investing in reviews?
Businesses should take into account factors like return on investment, consumer feedback, competitor activities, and forming strong relationships when considering how to balance the risks with potential rewards of investing in reviews.
What methods can financial services businesses use to ask for reviews?
Financial services businesses can use methods such as email, restricted access, referral programs and incentives, webforms, and promo codes to ask customers for reviews.

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