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Consumer Goods & Services
This group includes companies from Apparel & Fashion, Consumer Electronics, Consumer Goods, Consumer Services, Food & Beverages, Furniture, Retail, Sporting Goods, and Wholesale. These businesses range from fashion retailers and electronics manufacturers to supermarkets, furniture stores, sports equipment outlets, and wholesale distributors.
Health & Education Services
Companies in this sector span E-Learning, Education Management, Health, Wellness & Fitness, Higher Education, Hospital & Health Care, and Medical Practice. They provide educational platforms, manage institutions, offer health and wellness services, operate hospitals and clinics, and practice medicine.
Professional & Financial Services
This category encompasses firms in Airlines/Aviation, Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing, Financial Services, Insurance, Marketing & Advertising, Professional Training & Coaching, Real Estate, Telecommunications, and Utilities. These businesses offer professional support services, financial advice, insurance products, real estate expertise, and essential utility services.
Hospitality, Leisure & Entertainment
The final group covers the Entertainment, Hospitality, Leisure, Travel & Tourism, Luxury Goods & Jewelry, Music, Package/Freight Delivery, Recreational Facilities & Services, Restaurants, and Sports sectors. It includes entertainment production companies, hotels, travel agencies, luxury retailers, music industry entities, delivery services, recreational venues, dining establishments, and sports organizations.
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